Spoofing and jamming tests - the Seetaleralpe in a state of emergency

Disruptions in the field of navigation have been a major issue for years and are extremely critical in both the military and civilian sectors. Jamming and spoofing attacks are therefore very dangerous and can provoke far-reaching consequences. To counteract this and to better understand the behaviour of GNSS-based systems, extensive tests were carried out in October at the Seetaler Alpe military training area.

Panoramic view over the Seetaler Alpe, Photo: Günther Obertaxer
Credit: Günther Obertaxer, Seetaler Alpe


Through the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Defence and in particular through the IMG (Institute for Military Geoscience) with Brigadier Dr. Teichmann, it has been possible in recent years to establish the Seetaler Alpe military training area as a navigation warfare (NavWar) centre where European military, industry and research institutions can conduct realistic spoofing and jamming tests, which do not exist in this form in the whole of Europe due to the general ban on the transmission of such jamming signals. In cooperation with the telecommunications authority and due to the location of the military training area, it is possible to carry out such tests and they are becoming increasingly popular in the GNSS scene.

Fortunately, JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL is always represented at these events with the research group "Space and Communication Technology". This year again, successful measurements were carried out during this event in the projects RUNS (together with Beyond Gravity), SENSOR (together with TU-Graz, BRIMATECH and ACCURISION) and GNSS-Check (together with TU-Graz, BRIMATECH and DCNA).


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