Workshop for Quantum software engineering

With international participation, the first workshop on Quantum Software Engineering took place at the ICT Technology Park at the University of Innsbruck on 15th and 16th December 2022. The DIGITAL Institute of JOANNEUM RESEARCH participated with Hermann Fürntratt, head of the QuanCo project.

Group photo of the Quantum Software Engineering Workshop
Credit: Michael Felderer


With contributions from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Finland, Israel, Netherland, Germany and Austria, current topics around the development of quantum software on gate-based and quantum annealing-based systems were presented. The topics were diverse and included Unified Software Theory, Software Design Topologies, Software Quality Insurance, Compiler Optimisation, Software Maintenance, Software Testing (conformance, coverage, white box, black box, mutation, differential, metamorphic, ...) on different hardware architectures, as well as Quantum Service Oriented Computing and Quantum DevOps strategies.


Extremely interesting was also the tour of the running quantum computer of AQT - Alpine Quantum Technologies, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the university campus. The hardware is based on the principle of the ion trap and is characterised by very low energy consumption of 2KWh. Overall, the computer offers the possibility to develop and test new quantum algorithms in order to explore the new possibilities of quantum technology.


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