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Image registration of deformable objects and optimizing/minimizing doses of radiation in therapy and diagnostics.

ReDeform is an efficient extension of the current approach in radiotherapy while planning treatment on the basis of ENT CT data.

ReDeform offers (in the ENT area) information about “how” patients change during the course of treatment and help identify at which point the damage to the healthy tissue becomes too high or an error in treatment occurs.

To compensate for changes in a patient during radiation therapy, an additional margin is planned around the tumor. This places an enormous burden on the surrounding tissue. By choosing an optimal time for the newly planned therapy, radiotherapy can be conducted in a highly targeted manner and, thus, a smaller margin is included.

With ReDeform, it is possible to examine changes between CT data sets taken at different treatment times.

All relevant records are connected to one another and the calculated deformation area is overlaid so that it is easy for an expert to distinguish between absolute changes in volume and volume-neutral deformations (e.g., from the position of the person concerned). The deformation itself is represented using different colors, allowing a clear distinction to be made between large and small changes. In addition, changes in volume of the structures can be statistically evaluated from the representation.