A Communication and Multi-sensor Solution to Support Dynamic Generation of a Situational Picture

Publication from Digital

Umlauft Martina, Raffelsberger Christian, Kercek Andreas, Almer Alexander, Schnabel Thomas, Luley Patrick, Ladstätter Stefan

In Proceeding of ICT-DM'2016, Wien, AT , 1/2016


This paper provides an overview of a novel system architecture to support first responders in coping with dynamically changing situations, as well as help them to allocate human resources more efficiently. The system supports the collection and fusion of multi-sensor data for the generation of a near real-time situational picture. We employ a context-sensitive augmented reality (AR) assistance and feedback system and a role-based data distribution module, to enable more efficient interaction between command center and mobile teams and to reduce the risk of information overload. Our system integrates TETRA, since it is a widely used radio standard for first responders, and complements it with other broadband systems like LTE and WiFi to enable broadband multimedia services.