A Survey on Criteria for Smart Home Systems with Integration into the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Publication from Digital
Connected Computing

Georg Wieland, Herwig Zeiner

Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, vol 414. Springer, Cham, 5/2021


While smart home systems and smart home applications are utilized more and more, the assortment of smart products gets broaden and is accompanied by a constant growth. This stable increase of products leads to confusion and perplexity and, consequently, it hinders a deliberate and well thought through decision. This paper presents a survey on the most important criteria which enable a conscious assessment of smart home systems. It provides an elaborate review of various research outputs pertaining usability, sustainability and complexity of smart home applications. By connecting such applications with the terms platforms and IoT, a new door is opened enabling an up to date assessment. Security, safety as well as data protection extend the discussion and shepherd towards a most complete description in order to appraise smart home products. Finally, based on the reviewed topics, a list containing 18 discretized criteria is given which allows an integration into the Analytic Hierarchy Process.

Keywords: Smart home, Domestic technology, Literature review, Assessment, Analytic hierarchy process