A Tourism Information System for Rural Areas based on a Multi Platform Concept

Publication from Digital

Almer A., Schnabel T., Stelzl H., Stieg J., Luley P.

Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg The 6th International Symposium on Web and Wireless Geographical, 2006


Tourism information is predominantly based on geographically related
 information and therefore, the tourism and leisure industries are
 currently searching for ways how to explore the potential of technologies
 for presenting geographical data. In this paper a concept and its
 realization for a multi-platform solution for a geo-multimedia tourism
 information system are briefly described. In general the system is
 targeting on two different user groups, the tourism boards as service
 providers and the tourists as end-users. The concept covers an efficient
 data management for the service providers and state of the art visualization
 techniques for online, offline and mobile solutions. These cover
 the 2D as well as the 3D visualization of geo related tourism information
 and also interfaces to third party platforms. Such platforms like
 Google Earth and Google Maps became even more important in the last
 year due to their extensive dissemination.

Keywords: ourism, information management, 2D/3D geo-visualization, mobile devices, multimedia, multiplatform, interactive maps, virtual database, Google Earth, Google Maps, virtual landscape