Acceptance of geo-multimedia applications in Austrian tourism organisations

Publication from Digital

Raggam K., Almer A.

, 2005


Although nearly all tourism information is also geographically related information, only a few tourism organisations present their offers in a geographical context. The aim of this survey is to examine what relevance geo-multimedia applications have in Austrian tourism organisations. The methodology used is an online survey, which has been e-mailed to tourism organisations throughout Austria. The questionnaire covers issues regarding digital presentation, usage, benefits, relevance and cost estimation for geo-multimedia applications. The survey reveals that only a very small percentage of the participants provides tourism information on a mobile device, that the 2D view is considered to be the most important presentation form of geographical tourism information and that the willingness to pay depends on the medium and on the form of the geo-multimedia application.

Additional informations: ENTER 2005. 26 to 28 of January in Innsbruck, Austria. 2005.