Airborne Measurements Enhancing the Satellite-to-Aircraft Channel Model in L-Band

Publication from Digital

Pelzmann T. and Jost T. and Schwinzerl M. and Perez-Fontan F. and Schoenhuber M., Floury N

10th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 2016 , 1/2016


Wireless signal propagation characteristics from a satellite based transmitter to an airborne receiver are of interest for aircraft communications and navigation. Applications within this scope, range from passenger internet access supply while flying over remote areas up to safety-of-life related purposes like data transmissions for aircraft traffic management (ATM) or positioning by global navigation satellite system (GNSS) during approaches. Especially applications
 involving safety-of-life conditions require reliable wireless transmission links with high availability and continuity-of-service. To develop and test novel systems that rely on wireless signal propagation, accurate channel models are needed that are designed to simulate the propagation characteristics of the satellite-to-aircraft channel in a realistic manner including all propagation related effects.