Airborne multi-sensor management support system for emergency teams in natural disasters

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A. Almer , T. Schnabel, H. Raggam and A. Koefler and R. Wack and R. Feischl

ISCRAM 2015 Conference - Kristiansand, May 24-27 Palen, 1/2015


This paper describes the development of a multi - functional airborne management support system within the frame of the Austrian national safety and security research prog ramme . The objective was to assist crisis management tasks of emergency teams and armed forces in disaster management by providing multi spectral, near real - time airborne image data products. As time, flexibility and reliability as well as objective information are crucial aspects in emergency management, the used components are tailored to meet these requirements. This article includes the individual system components as well as their performance using examples from lab tests and real - life deployments.
 Based on this, the impact of existing command and control processes as well as the benefit s for time critical decision making process es are described based on expertise of the involved end users. In addition, it gives an outlook on future perspectives.