An overview of wireless iot protocol security in the smart home domain

Publication from Digital
Connected Computing, Forschungsgruppe Cyber Security and Defence

Marksteiner S., Expósito Jiménez V.J., Vallant H., Zeiner H.

Copenhagen, Denmark Proceedings of the Joint 13th CTTE and 10th CMI Conference on Internet of Things Business Models, Users, and Networks, 11/2017


While the application of IoT in smart technologies becomes more and more proliferated, the pandemonium of its protocols becomes increasingly confusing. More seriously, severe security deficiencies of these protocols become evident, as time-to-market is a key factor, which satisfaction comes at the price of a less thorough security design and testing. This applies especially to the smart home domain, where the consumer-driven market demands quick and cheap solutions. This paper presents an overview of IoT application domains and discusses the most important wireless IoT protocols for smart home, which are KNX-RF, EnOcean, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Thread. Finally, it describes the security features of said protocols and compares them with each other, giving advice on whose protocols are more suitable for a secure smart home.