Assessment of the Potential of TerraSAR-X with respect to Mapping Applications using Radargrammetric and Interferometrich Techniques

Publication from Digital

Raggam J., Gutjahr K.H., Roland Perko, Schardt M.

IGARSS08 , 2008


The first German space mission TerraSAR-X was launched on June 15th,
 2007. The mission was implemented under a Public Private Partnership
 (PPP), including the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) as well as EADS
 Astrium as cooperation partners. In this consortium, DLR is responsible
 for the scientific use of TerraSAR-X data, while commercial marketing
 is undertaken exclusively by Infoterra GmbH, a wholly-owned EADS
 Astrium subsidiary, within the commercial TerraSAR-X service segement
 (TSXX). With respect to the scientific use of TerraSAR-X data the
 Institute of Digital Image Processing of Joanneum Research (JR-DIB)
 has gained a principal investigator status with respect to the assessment
 of the mapping potential of TerraSAR-X data using radargrammetric
 as well as interferometric techniques. With respect to TSXX the Institute
 has developed value adding processing lines in cooperation with Infoterra
 in order to generate and provide value-added products, like for instance
 ortho-rectified products or TerraSAR-X image mosaics.