Content Quality Assessment and Metadata Interoperability for Preservation of Audiovisual Media

Publication from Digital

Majcen K., Schallauer P., Bailer W., Thallinger G., Haas W.

St. Pölten, AT 3. Forum Medientechnik, Fachhochschule St. Pölten, 11/2010


There are millions of hours of audiovisual content in collections of dedicated broadcast, film and sound archives, institutional or corporate archives, libraries and museums. Handling audiovisual content is undergoing a dramatic change, being migrated to files: invisible, stored "in the cloud" and played by black box technology at a remote machine. The most important requirement is to provide means for long-term digital preservation of audiovisual content, ensuring the technical and archival integrity of the content and enable accessing and reusing the content. In this paper we address issues of automatically assessing the quality of audiovisual content as well as tools for metadata interoperability to facilitate content access and exchange.