Critical situation monitoring at large scale events from airborne video based crowd dynamics analysis.

Publication from Digital

Alexander Almer, Roland Perko, Helmut Schrom-Feiertag, Thomas Schnabel, and Lucas Paletta

AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, number 19, Helsinki, Finland , 1/2016


Comprehensive monitoring of movement behaviour and raising dynamics in crowds allow an early detection and prediction of critical situations that may arise at large-scale events. This work presents a video based airborne monitoring system enabling the automated analysis of crowd dynamics and to derive potentially critical situations. The results can be used to prevent critical situations by supporting security staff to control the crowd dynamics early enough. This approach enables preventing upraise of panic behaviour by automated early identification of hazard zones and offering a reliable basis for early intervention by security forces. This approach allows the surveillance and analysis of large scale monitored areas of interest and raising specific alarms at the management and control system in case of potentially critical situations. The integrated modules extend classical mission management by providing essential decision support possibilities for assessing the situation and managing security and emergency crews on site within short time frames.