Das Projekt «neue Bestandeskarte»

Publication from Digital

Schmidtke H., , , , Ofner M.,

Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Forstwesen, vol62, 171-177, 2011


Within the scope of the project “New forest stand map” an operational procedure was developed to derive automatically forest stand parameters from airoborne laser scanner and satellite data. Those stand parameters were development stage, species combination, crown cover and standing timber volume. Optional were number of trees, dominant tree height and others. The degree of automation is high. The automatically delineated stand boundaries were visually controlled and corrected. All stand parameters were then derived completely automatically. The applicability of the procedure developed was demonstrated with three test sites containing 3000 ha of forest. The “New forest stand map” was developed as a saleable product. The procedure is robust regarding varying data situations and forest conditions.