Digital preservation of audiovisual files within PrestoPRIME

Publication from Digital

Addis M., Allasia W., Bailer W., Boch L., Gallo F., Phillips S., Schallauer P.

Barcelona, Spain Proceedings of Virtual Goods 2011, 9/2011


PrestoPRIME is a European project aiming at digital preservation of audiovisual files. In our scenarios we can observe a combination of lifecycles related to content, systems, services, and organisations involved both in the media and technical businesses. Taking as reference the OAIS model, we followed the principle of keeping everything under control, from all perspectives: configuration, resource management, data integrity, content quality and metadata handling. As a result, in the future users will have the opportunity to find and re-use high quality audiovisual material. Project outcomes include tools for simulating and modelling the use of resources and for service governance, software for content quality assessment, services for metadata mapping, techniques for content tracking, model and services supporting the management of exploitation rights. The reference software implementation provides a framework for integrating external tools.