FIREGUARD : Mapping wildland fuels and infrastructure at the management unit level with very high spatial resolution satellite imagery for fire prevention and control in Mediterranean-type landscapes

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Cliff Banninger, Almer A., Raggam J., Wimmer A., Jim Hogg, Gavriil Xanthopoulos, Ioannis Gitas, Giorgos Kazakis, Kostas Kalabokidis, Celeste Coelho, Antonio Ferreira, Carla Domingues, Jose Rodrigues, Miguel Galante, Francisco Rego, Maria Maia, Herminio Botelho, Carlos Loureiro, Paulo Fernandes

Proceedings of IV International Conference on Forest Fire Research 2002 Wildland Fire Safety Summit, Luso, Coimbra, Portugal, 18-23 November ISBN 90-77017-72-0, 2002


FIREGUARD will provide detailed and up-to-date quantitative information on fuels, terrain, and infrastructure of wildland areas in Mediterranean-type regions, using Ikonos, Quick- Bird, and similar imagery. The information will be stored on an integrated geographical information system and accessible by fixed and mobile devices over the Internet, using terrestrial and satellite telecommunication networks. FIREGUARD will provide forest and fire-fighting services at the district and sector management unit levels with more accurate and cost-effective information on fuel accumulation for improved fire prevention and control than is achievable by currently practiced methods, thereby allowing more precise fire hazard and risk assessment for better fuel and fire management.

Keywords: wildland fires, fuel and infrastructure mapping, remote sensing, IKONOS, QuickBird