IDGEI 2014: 2nd international workshop on intelligent digital games for empowerment and inclusion

Publication from Digital

Paletta, Lucas, Schuller, Bjoern W. and Robinson, Peter and Sabouret, Nicolas

IUI Companion '14: Proceedings of the companion publication of the 19th international conference on Intelligent User Interfaces , 1/2014


Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion have the potential to improve our society by preparing particular groups of people to meet social challenges in their everyday lives, and to do so in an enjoyable way through games. These games are developing rapidly to exploit new algorithms for computational intelligence supported by increasing availability of computing power to help analyze players' behavior, monitor their motivation and interest, and to adapt the progress of the games accordingly. Intelligent Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion (IDGEI) explore the use of machine intelligence in serious digital games. In this introduction and in this context, we summarize the second international workshop on IDGEI held at the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) 2014.