Innovative Tools for 3D Cinema Production

Publication from Digital

Werner Bailer W., Fassold H., Rosner J., Thallinger G.

St. Pölten, AT Forum Medientechnik - Next Generation, New Ideas: Beiträge der Tagungen 2010 und 2011 an der Fachhochschule St. Pölten174-185,, 11/2011


The current success of immersive 3D experiences in feature films and the trend towards 3D TV require advanced tools and workflows for high-quality capture of multi-view live scenes. The 2020 3D Media project is researching, developing and demonstrating novel forms of compelling entertainment experiences based on new technologies for the capture, production, networked distribution and display of three-dimensional sound and images. In this contribution, we discuss three innovative tools for the production and post-production of high-quality multi-view content. The first is a GPU accelerated feature point tracker, providing crucial input for further processing such as motion analysis and depth estimation. Compared to an already optimised CPU implementation (using Intel IPP) a speedup factor of approximately 10 can be achieved, enabling real-time tracking of several thousand feature points in two Full HD resolution video streams on a single GPU. The second is a suite of automatic analysis tools for multi-view
 content, and the third is a tool for browsing multi-view content sets, with both a desktop and a Web-based user interface.