Intelligent Maps for Vision Enhanced Mobile Interfaces in Urban Scenarios

Publication from Digital

Vande Velde L., Luley P., Almer A., Seifert C., Paletta L.

Proc. 12th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services, ITS 2006 , 2006


This paper focuses on the innovative concept of intelligent digital maps. Event and context information are stored as part of the city maps in order to make the maps intelligent and to exploit further context information of objects. In the EU funded project MOBVIS [10], we develop advanced methodologies to aid mobile vision and context awareness tasks using the enhanced Tele Atlas 2D and 3D City Maps. Augmenting the maps with visual features, semantic and context information enables to support within a given context specifically targeted geoservices in order to deliver appropriate geo-referenced map information on demand. We present preliminary results of geo-indexing the map to retrieve map information in a mobile object recognition task.