Interoperability Between IT Systems in Austrian National Crisis & Disaster Management

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A. Preinerstorfer, M. Egly, I. Gojmerac, C. Hochwarter, C. Schuster, B. Jandl-Scherf, H. Lernbeiss, S. Radner, E. Schweighofer

2018 5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (ICT-DM). pp. 1–8. , 12/2018


Civil-military interoperability plays an important role in coping with disastrous events and accidents in Austrian crisis and disaster management. This article introduces the approach and the first results of the national project INTERPRETER, which has the aim to pioneer a fully automated data exchange between civil and military Command & Control (C2) information systems in Austria. The semantic integrity of these systems will be provided by the developed data hub based on the results of previous research in national projects. Furthermore, the modular structure of INTEPRETER creates a generic extensibility of the system, which is a basic requirement for its sustainable usability. An important building block of INTERPRETER will integrate the civilian population into the process of crisis and disaster management in an interdisciplinary approach and thus promote an important paradigmatic innovation in the Austrian landscape.