Mapping Audiovisual Metadata Formats Using Formal Semantics

Publication from Digital

Höffernig M., Bailer W., Nagler G., Mülner H.

Saarbrücken, DE Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technology, 11/2010


Audiovisual archives hold enormous amounts of valuable content. However, many of these archives are difficult to access, as their holdings are documented using a range of dierent metadata formats. Being able to exchange metadata is the key to ensuring access to these collections and to establish interoperability among audiovisual collections, between audiovisual collections and other cultural heritage institutions as well as portals such as Europeana. In this work we attempt to model mappings between metadata formats based on a high-level intermediate concept representation in order to avoid hand-crafted one-to-one mappings between metadata formats. In addition, we dene mapping templates on data type level, from which the code for mapping instructions between a pair of formats can be derived. The high-level intermediate concept representation is based on the existing meon ontology and the resulting mapping instructions are expressed using XSLT. As a proof of concept, mappings between two metadata formats are formalized and integrated in a web based prototype application.