Mass Movement Monitoring Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner for Rock Fall Management

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Bauer A., Paar G., Alexander Kaltenböck

Springer Verlag , 2005


The danger of a rock fall or rockslide event is omnipresent, mainly due to dense settlement, excessive land usage even in alpine regions, and the global warming. In the case of a rock fall event the rapid operational availability of a measurement system is important for disaster management to assess the risk and to take appropriate measures. The evaluation and classification of instable surfaces need fast and cheap automatic sensing methods with accuracy in the range of a few centimetres. It is shown that a terrestrial laser scanning system is able to successfully perform an efficient change survey. We report on the sensor and software set-up, the logistics, and the procedure for data evaluation to perform the proposed monitoring task. The system (Laser scanner LPM-2k produced by Riegl Laser Measurement Systems, Austria, combined with software for scanning and data evaluation by JOANNEUM RESEARCH and DIBIT Messtechnik GmbH, Austria) is capable of automatically detecting changes and motion on the surface of an active rockslide area.