Monitoring Mediterranean Wildlands with Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery for Fire Prevention and Control

Publication from Digital

Stelzl H., Wimmer A., Raggam H., Sacherer O., Almer A., Banninger C.

, 9/2004


The feasibility to extract and visualise forest biometric information from Ikonos and QuickBird satellite imagery was demonstrated for a vegetated area in Portugal. Very high spatial resolution Ikonos and QuickBird satellite imagery were used to identify and classify forest stands with respect to their biometrics (e.g., species, cover, biomass) and to derive surface and ground DEM’s for the extraction of forest stand heights, from which virtually generated landscapes were produced.

Projekte:Digitale Geländemodelle mittels Laserscanner Daten, FIREGUARD

Additional informations: Anchorage, Alaska. 20.-24.9.2004