Multilevel "forest firefighting - management system" for an optimized operational guidance of ground and air forces leadership in forest fire situations

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Alexander Almer, Thomas Schnabel, Roland Perko and Hannes Raggam and Armin Koefler and Michael Schmidt , ]Harald Schlemmer and Eral Turkyilmaz and Richard Feischl

In EARSeL Forest Fire Special Interest Group Workshop, number 10, Limassol, Cyprus , 1/2015


The dramatic increase in forest fires in Europe has made improvements in forest fire control a major national and international issue in the quest to protect human lives and resources as well as to reduce the negative environmental impact. Forest firefighting operations are in general very dangerous and regarding the involvement of comprehensive human resources as well as extensive use of ground-, air vehicles and equipment the event management is a crucial factor to reduce risks in firefighting missions. This paper describes the development of a multi-functional airborne management support system within the frame of the Austrian national safety and security research programme KIRAS. The objective was to assist crisis management tasks of emergency teams and armed forces in disaster management by providing multi spectral, airborne image data products in near real-time and analysis processes. This article includes further concepts and results of ongoing research activities which focus on the development of an innovative system for optimal deployment of firefighting teams and the generation of situational maps for a common operational picture in near real-time using airborne image acquisition. Furthermore it includes an effective management solution to optimize communication and the command of operational human units and vehicles in the air and on the ground. The ongoing project involves the development of simulation-based modules for decision support and impact evaluation and an innovative development for the large-scale monitoring of affected forest areas once the fire has been extinguished.