Personalization of Interactive Objects in the GMF4iTV Project

Publication from Digital

Cardoso B., de Carvalho F., Fernàndez G., Huet B., Jiten J., Lopez A., Merialdo B., Neuschmied H., Noe M., Pereira D. S., Thallinger G.

TV'04, 4th Workshop on Personalization in Future TV held in conjunction with Adaptive Hypermedia 2004, 8/2004


This paper describes the personalization mechanism that is being implemented in the GMF4iTV Project. GMF4iTV is a European project which aims at developing techniques to create television programs with interactive objects using the DVB-MHP platform. Interactive objects are moving areas of the TV picture (generally superposed to characters, objects in the scene, or specific spots) with associated metadata. When the user selects one of these objects, the associated metadata is displayed. Personalization is used for both object and associated metadata selection. This paper describes the current version of the GMF4iTV prototype.