Playful motivation for daily multimodal training and diagnostics: the AktivDaheim/ PLAYTIME solution for people with dementia

Publication from Digital

Lucas Paletta, Alexander Lerch and Manuela Kuenstner and Josef Steiner and Mariella Panagl and Maria Fellner , Christian Kemp and Lara Pittino amd Sybille Reidl

, 1/2017


Living at home with adequate care is a key objective for persons with dementia. Most therapies exclusively stimulate cognitive processes but studies clarified that locomotion and social activity positively impacts dementia, challenging is daily motivation to exercise. In the projects AktivDaheim and PLAYTIME, a serious game is developed for multimodal training performed by caregivers and clients. Key element is interactive mat sensing about board game type interaction at social events of people with dementia. Sensed data provide indications for tuning of weekly playful training sessions at home facilitated by informal carer using easily configurable services on a Tablet PC. The AktivDaheim/PLAYTIME game and its sensing diagnostic toolbox
 offer affordances for entertaining, measuring and analysis of behavioral parameters, to enable people with dementia to stay longer at home and slowing down the progress of disease.