PRo3D Interactive Geologic Assessment of Planetary 3D Vision Data Products

Publication from Digital

Robert Barnes and Gerhard Paar, Christoph Traxler and Jan-Peter Muller and Yu Tao and Kathrin Sander and Sanjeev Gupta and Thomas Ortner and Laura Frit

International Congress on Stratigraphy (STRATI 2015) , 1/2015


The FP7-SPACE project PRoViDE (Planetary Robotics Vision Data Exploitation) has been conducted to exploit the wealth of orbital, probe and rover derived planetary surface imagery data taken from missions which have successfully travelled to other planetary bodies in the Solar System. A major element of the data transmitted from Mars in particular is stereo-imagery from the Pancam (NASA Mars Exploration Rovers MER-A and MER-B), Mastcam (NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover)
 and Navcam (MER and MSL) instruments.