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Advances in MASELTOV Serious Games in a Mobile Ecology of Services for Social Inclusion and Empowerment of Recent Immigrants

Publication from Digital

Dr Lucas Paletta, Patrick Luley, Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and Sara de Freitas and Petros Lameras and Stephanie Deutsch

10th International Conference, ACE 2013, Boekelo, The Netherlands, November 12-15, 2013. Proceedings , 1/2013


Immigration imposes a range of challenges with the risk of social exclusion. As part of a comprehensive suite of services for immigrants, the MASELTOV game seeks to provide both practical tools and innovative learning services via mobile devices, providing a readily usable resource for recent immigrants. We introduce advanced results, such as the game-based learning aspect in the frame of recommender services, and present the rationale behind its interaction design. Benefits and implications of mobile platforms and emergent data capture techniques for game-based learning are discussed, as are methods for putting engaging gameplay at the forefront of the experience whilst relying
 on rich data capture and analysis to provide effective learning solutions.