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Data Quality Assessment in Europeana: Metrics for Multilinguality

Publication from Digital
Connected Computing

Charles V., Stiller J., Király P., Bailer W., Freire N.

Greece, Thessaloniki , 9/2017


Europeana.eu aggregates metadata describing more than 55 million cultural heritage objects from libraries, museums, archives and audiovisual archives across Europe. Quality (and particularly multilingual quality) of metadata is crucial for enabling search and data re-use in digital libraries. Capturing multilingual aspects of the data requires us to take into account the full lifecycle of data aggregation including data enhancement processes such as data enrichment. Multilinguality cannot be captured as one measure, but needs to be considered as an intersection of several measures, bringing challenges when interpreting and visualising the results. The paper presents an approach for capturing multilinguality as part of data quality dimensions, namely completeness, consistency and accessibility. We describe the measures dened and implemented, and provide initial interpretations of the results.