Real-Time Visualization of Geo-Information focusing on Tourism Applications

Publication from Digital

Almer A., Schnabel T., Schardt M., Stelzl H.

, 11/2004


In the public sector there exists a strong demand for innovative and user-friendly presentation of geo-information based on 3D-data visualization techniques. Professional GIS and remote sensing systems are generally designed as expert systems capable of handling large vector and raster data pools and making thus possible the creation of extensive calculations and analysis modules which are necessary for planning and decision tasks. In these expert systems, two-dimensional and occasionally only in some systems three-dimensional visualizations of raster and vector data are possible. The ongoing developments in different fields show the current importance and attractiveness of 3D-visualization technologies concerning the presentation of geo-information for scientists as well as for decision makers and for the public sector in general. In order to support different potential user groups, a web based solution for a real-time 3D-visualization of geo-information is of primary interest for different thematics, regarding the aspects of being cost free for the customer and also for the end-user and of providing easily customizable navigation and design, standardized data interfaces and appropriate performance. This paper will briefly describe results concerning landscape modelling and interactive real-time 3D-visualization by using high-resolution remote sensing data. The developments were realized within the EU-project REGEO (Multimedia Geo-Information for e-Communities in Rural Areas with Eco-Tourism) and in a subsequent commercial project. On the basis of the project REGEO requirements, the aimed scope of innovative 3D-data visualization was broadly tested and realized for different test regions based on Shockwave 3D-technologies, making thus possible a licence free solution. This contribution is aimed at describing the aspects of the generation of a landscape model, the processing of a natural texture based on high-resolution remote sensing data and the automated generation of the 3D-data model including the access to additional multimedia information for the interactive, real-time 3D presentation. A further important focus is to describe the performance potential of real-time 3D-visualizations for online systems. In addition, the realized prototype serves as an example for discussing and demonstrating interactive access to geo-information. Furthermore, the aspect of a dynamic real-time generation of 3D-data models from digital elevation models and textures will be presented and possibilities for the integration of geo-multimedia information will be highlighted. By the usage of standardized XML interfaces the application is capable of establishing an efficient linkage to the existing database systems. This makes possible a complete integration into existing online systems such as the geo-multimedia system REGEO.

Projekte:REGEO - Multimedia Geoinformation for e-Communities in Rural Areas with Eco-Tourism


Additional informations: ISPRS - International Workshop on Processing and Visualization using High-Resolution Imagery; Technical Commission V/6 - Visualization and Animation, Pitsanulok, Thailand, 18-20 November 2004