REDD pilot project in Cameroon – Monitoring Forest Cover Change with EO Data

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Hirschmugl M., Maier A., Haas S., Siwe R., Schardt M., Amougou J. A.,

Proceedings of AARSE conference, Accra, Ghana, October, 26th – 31st 2008. , 2008


Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in developing countries (REDD) is a mechanism for the post-Kyoto reporting as avoiding deforestation is considered to be a contribution to the reduction of green house gas (GHG) emissions. The overall aim of this REDD pilot project in Cameroon is to establish baseline projections of emissions caused by deforestation using Earth Observation combined with regional projections of degradation nested in a wall-to-wall approach. Multi-temporal satellite data and in-situ information is used for the deforestation mapping, which involves a series of pre-processing and processing steps. State-of-the-art methods for mapping forest degradation are tested.