Serious Gaming for Behavior Change: The State of Play

Publication from Digital

Schuller, Bjorn W. and Dunwell, Ian and Weninger, Felix and Paletta, Lucas

IEEE Pervasive Computing , 1/2013


Digital Games can change the way we behave be it explicitly or implicitly, and whether we are aware of it or not. This bears great potential for Serious Gaming, where behavior change can be guided so as to be targeted, meaningful, and helpful for the player. Particularly effective is the analysis of the human in every-day situations to provide an immediate feedback loop. This, however, requires mobile behavior and affect analysis on the road a challenge in its own right. We summarize the current state-of-play in this field and provide two selected show-cases: The ASC-Inclusion project aims to improve affective and social behavior of children with Autism Spectrum Condition by multimodal analysis and feedback. The MASELTOV project is designed as playful pervasive aid for migrants to ease their daily-life interaction with locals.