Taking a closer Look on Mars

Publication from Digital

Paar G., et al.

Research EU Focus, vol.6, p32-33, 6/2010


For a robotic space probe on another planet, time is of the essence at its operational life is often short. The harsh alien environment, extreme temperatures and pressures, dust and radiation can damage hardware and compromise the mission at any moment. Given the extreme difficulty and high cost of sending these vehicles to other planets, it is important to obtain the best possible return on this investment. By accelerating the processing and improving the representation of visual data sent from these pioneering missions, the EU-funded Planetary robotics vision ground processing??? (Provisg) project aims to give mission operators and scientists back on Earth a better threedimensional (3D) understanding of these new worlds. Indeed, this project aims
 to make all of us feel how it would be to stand on the surface of another world.