TAME-Diff: Smart differencing of time-aligned multimedia metadata

Publication from Digital

Werner Bailer, Andras Horti

Proceedings of 12th International Workshop on Content-based Multimedia Indexing , 1/2014


We address the issue of determining differences between multimedia metadata documents (e.g., between a reference such as a ground truth and the output produced by an analysis tool), taking the semantics of time-aligned metadata into account. We analyze some issues to be considered when representing ground truth and differences, and propose a representation using a set of edits. As general purpose XML differencing tools turn out to produce noisy output on practical examples from multimedia processing, we propose a tool called TAME-Diff in order to determine differences between multimedia metadata documents. We have implemented the tool to handle time-based metadata represented using the MPEG-7 Audiovisual Description Profile (AVDP).