The Perception of Information and Advertisement Screens Mounted in Public Transportation Vehicles - Results from a Mobile Eye-tracking Study

Publication from Digital

Höller N., Schrammel J., Tscheligi M., Paletta L.

Lecture Notes in Informatics 2009, 4007-4021, 2010


This research deals with perception of information and advertisement  screens mounted in public transport vehicles. We have conducted an exploratory field study with 106 participants. Our main research question was aimed at finding out to what extent people do look at such screens and for how long they fixate them. Further we investigated correlations between content type and the amount of focus time as well as the amount of time a person fixates on such a screen and the number of things one can reproduce freely or recognize shortly after the exposition. We researched whether certain content types can be considered as attention catchers and if certain combinations of content-types have the power to bind persons focus-time longer than others. Results suggest high awareness of the info-screens among participants but no correlations between fixation time and content respectively fixation time and recall/recognition of content.