The PRoViDE framework for the quantitative geologic analysis of reconstructed Martian terrain and outcrops

Publication from Digital

Christoph Traxler, Gerd Hesina, Robert Barnes, Sanjeev Gupta, Gerhard Paar

Geophysical Research Abstracts, EGU General Assembly 2016, EGU2016-7196 , 1/2016


The EU-FP7 project PRoViDE (Planetary Robotics Vision Data Exploitation) assembled a major portion of the imaging data gathered so far from planetary surface missions into a unique 3D database, brought them into a spatial context and provides access to a complete set of 3D vision products. The processing chain (PRoViP) is able to generate novel 3D fusion products between HiRISE orbiter and multiple-station rover stereo imagery from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover - MER (Pancam, Navcam), and Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity - MSL (Mastcam).