The ProViScout Field trials Tenerife 2012 - Integrated testing of Aerobot Mapping, Rover Navigation and Science Assessment

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Paar, G., Tyler, L. and Barnes, D. and Woods, M. and Shaw, A. and Kapellos, K. and Pajdla, T. and Medina, A. and Pullan, D. and Griffiths, A D and Muller, J. P. and Long, D. and the Team

Proc. 12th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation (ASTRA2013), ESA/ESTEC, The Netherland , 1/2013


The FP7-SPACE Project PRoViScout (Planetary Robotics Vision Scout) aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of vision-based autonomous sample identification & selection coupled with vision-based navigation for a long range planetary scouting/exploration mission along with the necessary robotic elements. After 2 years of development and integration, the project held a field trial campaign in the caldera of Tenerife in September 2012. This paper gives an overview of the trials and summarises its major findings in terms of equipment, software integration, trial’s logistics & strategy, and the main trial results.