Tools for Semi-automatic Monitoring of Industrial Workflows

Publication from Digital

Mörzinger R., Thaler M., Schuster R., Hofmann A., Thallinger G.

The first ACM international workshop on Analysis and Retrieval of Tracked events and motion in imagery streams ACM Multimedia, 10/2010


This paper describes a tool chain for monitoring complex workflows.  Statistics obtained from automatic workflow monitoring in a car assembly environment assist in improving industrial safety and process quality. To this end, we propose automatic detection and tracking of humans and their activity in multiple networked cameras. The described tools offer human operators retrospective analysis of a huge amount of pre-recorded and analyzed footage from multiple cameras in order to get a comprehensive overview of the workflows. Furthermore, the tools help technical administrators in adjusting algorithms by letting the user correct detections (for relevance feedback) and ground truth for evaluation. Another important feature of the tool chain is the
 capability to inform the employees about potentially risky conditions using the tool for automatic detection of unusual scenes.