Unification and Enhancement of Planetary Robotic Vision Ground Processing: The EC FP7 Project PRoVisG

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Paar G.

Geophysical Research Abstracts - Vol. 11 , 2009


At present, mainly the US have realized planetary space missions with essential robotics background. Joining institutions, companies and universities from different established groups in Europe and two relevant players from the US, the EC FP7 Project PRoVisG started in autumn 2008 to demonstrate the European ability of realizing high-level processing of robotic vision image products from the surface of planetary bodies. PRoVisG will build a unified European framework for Robotic Vision Ground Processing. State-of-art computer vision technology will be collected inside and outside Europe to better exploit the image data gathered during past, present and future robotic space missions to the Moon and the Planets. This will lead to a significant enhancement of the scientific, technologic and educational outcome of such missions.