Video Documentation of Urban Areas

Publication from Digital

Zeiner H., Kienast G., Derler C., Haas W.

Proceedings of UDMS' 04, 24th Urban Data Management Symposium, 2004


The massive amount of information that is currently available is challenging the ability of urban communities to organize processes, and analyze all the information they require. This paper focuses on the concepts and principles for multimedia assets (especially videos) aiming to provide easier access to geographically relevant views of urban areas. Geo-referenced videos can be a great support in the management process of urban communities. The paper explains the process of acquisition and geo-referencing videos using low cost equipment. Furthermore it describes the architecture of a geo-multimedia service infrastructure which enables customers to store, retrieve, and share geo-referenced video content. Via a standard and state-of-the-art web service interface, geographic and multimedia objects can be retrieved from the geo-multimedia service by systems and applications already in use for administration (e.g. street management) or marketing purposes.