Virtual Director for Automating Camera Selection Behavior in the Domains of Sports and Performance

Publication from Digital

Kaiser, Rene and Weiss, Wolfgang

Adjunct proceedings of the 11th european conference on Interactive TV and video , 1/2013


This demo showcases a Virtual Director software for automatically selecting, framing and cutting between camera shots. The Virtual Director exploits several sources of information to reason for multiple viewers in parallel. The system is built with an approach that allows it to operate within real-time constraints. It uses a rule-based decision making approach which executes a set of generic and domain specific rules. Two different content sets from the domains of soccer and dance performance are used to demonstrate the applicability of automatic camera selection in different domains. The demo lets users experience the quality, potential and limitations of automatic camera selection. By experiencing the demo, the audience can understand challenges in automatic broadcast production and is invited to reflect on further application scenarios.