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1371 publications:

AAL-Pilot Concepts in Carinthia and Styria.

Majcen, K. , J.; Ströckl, D.; Löffler, K.; Schuster, E.; Schaschl, P.; Krainer, D. and Oberzaucher, J.
Scientific publication

South Austrian Seniors “vs.” ICT for Healthcare in AAL Pilot Regions.

Ströckl, D., Majcen, K., Plattner, J.; Krainer, D.; Löffler, K.; Schuster, E.; Schaschl, P. and Oberzaucher, J.
Scientific publication

Immersive Visualization of Planetary Reconstructions for Geological Interpretation

Thomas Ortner, Georg Haaser, Harald Steinlechner, Rob Barnes, Sanjeev Gupta, Chris Traxler, Gerhard Paar

Mars Interactive Exploration based on Reconstruction and Visual Analysis: The MINERVA Concept

Gerhard Paar, Piluca Caballo, Christoph Traxler, Harald Piringer, Gerhard Triebnig, Fabian Schindler

Terrestrial validation of geological analyses in PRo3D using an emulator for the ExoMars 2020 PanCam

R. Barnes, M. Gunn, S. Gupta, Gerhard Paar, C. Traxler, A. Bauer, B. Nauschnegg, T. Ortner, M. P. Perucha-Caballo

Near-Miss Accidents – Classification and Automatic Detection

Georg Thallinger, Florian Krebs, Eduard Kolla, Peter Vertal, Gustáv Kasanický, Helmut Neuschmied, Karl-Ernst Ambrosch

Quantitative analysis of digital outcrop data obtained from stereo-imagery using an emulator for the PanCam camera system for the ExoMars 2020 rover

Robert Barnes, Sanjeev Gupta, Matt Gunn, Gerhard Paar, Matt Balme, Ben Huber, Arnold Bauer, Komyo Furya, Maria del Pilar Caballo-Perucha, Chris Traxler, Gerd Hesina, Thomas Ortner, Steven Banham, Jennifer Harris, Jan-Peter Muller, Yu Tao

Surface-based 3D measurements of small aeolian bedforms on Mars and implications for estimating ExoMars rover traversability hazards

Matt Balme, Ellen Robson, Rob Barnes, Frances Butcher, Peter Fawdon, Ben Huber, Thomas Ortner, Gerhard Paar, Christoph Traxler, John Bridges, Sanjeev Gupta, Jorge L. Vago