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Quality Assurance Film/Video

The automatic evaluation of the quality of visual media is of great value during many stages of media production and archiving: to control the migration stages, evaluate the restoration effort, or conduct an examination immediately prior to broadcasting. In these areas, JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers solutions for the automatic evaluation of film and video visual quality and the efficient review of results.


JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers VidiCert as a solution that provides a cost-efficient method to control the visual quality of film and video content. In one fully automated analysis step, information is collected about the occurrence and severity of defects. The subsequent screening and evaluation steps are performed by a user with a simple application.

Quality assurance is an essential part of film and video production, broadcasting and the digitization of archival materials. Quality assessment of audiovisual content is still an extremely time-consuming and, therefore, expensive process. Previous approaches require that appropriately trained personnel monitor the videos in their entirety. Using JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s approach for automatic quality assessment, expenses can be reduced by 80% or more.

The approach, developed in collaboration with the film industry, the largest European broadcasters and service providers, is carried out in two stages: first, video or film content are analyzed in a fully automated step to identify defects such as image graininess, strong video deformation, black frame sections or bluriness. Next, the user receives the obtained information in an application that allows an efficient evaluation to be made. This application performs a real-time synchronization of the video, allows one to quickly navigate to the areas with defects and presents the information at several levels of resolution to allow rapid orientation.