Research Area

Intelligent Acoustic Solutions

We conduct research in the fields of acoustic monitoring, vibrations, audio and multimedia. The members of the research group have the broad range of scientific knowledge and expertise that is necessary to develop a complete system under real-life conditions.


The system for acoustic tunnel monitoring (AKUT) was developed by the IAL research group. Motor, tire rolling, and traffic flow generated noises from moving vehicles typically dominate in tunnels. Any anomalies in this noise background, such as from crash of a vehicle against the tunnel wall, tyre, blowouts, etc. can be automatically detected by microphones in the tunnel. The great advantage of acoustic methods for event detection is that accidents or critical incidents in tunnels are virtually always accompanied by characteristic sounds that occur immediately at the time of the event and, therefore, can be detected immediately.

  In this way, the monitoring agency can obtain all information needed to assess the event within a few seconds and appropriate action can be taken immediately. This internationally unique system was first installed in Austria by ASFINAG on the S35 in the Kirchdorf tunnel and fully integrated into the traffic guidance system of the responsible tunnel monitoring center (Bruck/Mur).

  The traffic accidents and fires that have occurred in the Kirchdorf tunnel since the installation have justified the use of AKUT and markedly confirmed its advantages compared to the previously existing monitoring systems because, without exception, all events were initially detected using the acoustic tunnel monitoring.

Acoustic perception and recognition

Acoustic perception and recognition can be understood from a technical perspective as a means of processing information. The aim of work conducted by the research group is to model these processes and integrate them as system solutions into products. In addition to the visual modality, acoustic signals present an enormous potential that can be economically exploited.

The Center for Intelligent Acoustic Solutions specialized very early on in acoustic monitoring and is now considered one of the international technology leaders. Years of experience acquired in this field allow a complete spectrum of expertise to be offered while bringing an idea to the prototype or product stage. The group is specialized in the following technologies:

  • Acoustic measurements
  • Sensor selection and benchmarking
  • Acquisition of acoustic signals and vibration data
  • Management and efficient use of large amounts of data and signal corpora
  • MPEG-7 databases
  • Digital signal processing and algorithm development
  • Machine learning and machine intelligence
  • Software development
  • Acoustic real-time systems
  • Development of audio user interfaces

Interaction with acoustic signals

In addition to acoustic monitoring technology, the human-oriented reproduction of and interaction with acoustic signals through user interfaces is increasingly because human cognitive abilities can be thereby better utilized.

To improve the intelligibility of speech at public events and in rooms with difficult acoustic conditions, the research group has acquired excellent know-how that allows it to develop new sound systems that have been used in several contracted projects.


Acoustic tunnel monitoring, acoustic detection of wrong way drivers, acoustic graffiti detection, detection of vandalism, expert listening panel, investigations conducted in the acoustic laboratory/listening room, room acoustic design, planning and integration of sound systems in public transport, acoustic quality testing, early detection of damage in CFRP materials.