Research Area

Internet of Things

The idea behind the Internet of Things is to connect objects in everyday life with each other and to the Internet. Items with integrated sensors can detect their immediate environment, process the information obtained, communicate with other objects and people or even trigger actions.


In the case of FiND –iT, DIGITAL helped develop a new RFID solution for PCs and Android smartphones / tablets. With FiND-iT, objects equipped with UHF RFID transponders can passively be categorized, included in stock lists, and tracked and found using smartphones / tablets. “This application is designed to meet the needs of small businesses who want to manage a small number of items,"says Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal.


RFID and sensor technology

Interdisciplinary knowledge among members of the project team is required to implement RFID and sensor technology. We apply expertise in the areas of hardware (RFID / NFC and sensor technology) and software or applications to successfully carry out your IoT project.

We provide support and expertise in the following areas:

  • Asset Management: RFIDs allow the targeted optimization of inventoried products. Thus, documentation according to the location and product user is well supported. The use can even be specifically controlled and optimized.
  • Logistics: With sensors (RFID, temperature, pressure ...), the transport path for physical objects is tracked. This enables the integration of this information into your business processes. New tasks in the active supply chain are made possible.
  • Software applications: in order to represent complex processes, robust yet flexible software is necessary. We rely on a modular system for Internet of Things applications. We apply message –oriented middleware solutions. This allows easy integration of components and services. This, in turn, ensures high maintaintenance capabilities and enables adaptable solutions that can be integrated into existing systems.

We help you choose the right strategy for your business and support you through during the stepwise implementation of IoT projects. If necessary, we draw on knowledge from numerous complementary research results.

Process Monitoring in Internet of Things Projects (IoT Projects)


  • Definition of the goal
  • Establishment of IoT-Expertise
  • Execution of Process analysis or potential analysis
  • Preparation of detailled processrequirement
  • Analysis of existing solutions
  • Preparation, evaluation and slection of idea
  • Implementation of IoT feasibility studies
  • Creation of a systemconcept
  • Extension and revision of the solution concept
  • Develeopment of a Demonstrator
  • Completion of the IoT solution
  • User training
  • Creating a cost-analysis
  • Complete Implementation and integration of IoT solution
  • complete process integration
  • Final completion