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Mobile Devices

Smartphone and tablet apps compete in the global market. JOANNEUM RESEARCH develops innovative unique mobile application features through collaborative research projects or exclusive contract research. We make your app SMART!


The LKH-University Clinic in Graz has an area of approximately 60 acres and contains nearly ten kilometers of roads, making it the largest hospital in Europe. Approximately 85,000 patients are hospitalized annually and approximately 800,000 outpatients are treated. Therefore, patients and visitors often find it difficult to locate the appropriate clinic or station directly and quickly.

As part of a cooperative research project, this problem could be solved uniquely using an innovative mobile application from JOANNEUM RESEARCH, For this purpose, a novel intuitive navigation system was developed that allowed users to use Augmented Reality technology and an optimized pedestrian route planning system to easily and efficiently locate the nearest entrance or desired clinic or station.

Mobile multisensor signal processing

The JOANNEUM RESEARCH conducts advanced research in the field of mobile multi - sensory signal processing, context-sensitive help and Ballast systems and develops innovative mobile interaction models. Here, the expertise ranges from the development of specialized mobile solutions for professional applications to technology modules for mobile applications marketed worldwide.

The targeted use of complex technologies as a result of many years of interdisciplinary research on applications and services for smartphones and tablets allows the development of innovative applications with unique features and high usability.

We develop innovative methods and complex technologies that can be adapted to meet customer requirements on a modular and specialized basis.

For example, our framework for multisensor context recognition has allowed the development of a new generation of applications that automatically adapt to the performance and situation of their users. Advanced visualization and interaction models allow for mobile solutions that provide a unique user experience.

Intuitive learning systems

Together with our sponsors, JOANNEUM RESEARCH is forging a new path from conventional mobile information services toward intuitive learning systems with situation-specific usability.

The following research topics are given here as examples within the business area "Mobile Solutions":


  • Navigation help systems with Augmented Reality
  • Computer vision aided Augmented Reality (high precision for professional apps)
  • Performance-related help and suggestion systems
  • Multisensor context awareness and performance analysis in mobile devices
  • Crowdsourcing performance trend analysis (Big Data)
  • Indoor positioning and multi-level navigation
  • Image processing on mobile devices
  • Multimedia geographical information systems
  • Context inference framework
  • Mobile first responder assistance
  • Human behaviour monitoring
  • Direct marketing with trend analyses, voucher systems and customer surveys
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