Cyber Security and Defence


Information security is the central element of the digital transformation. The increasing importance of this topic has resulted in the DIGITAL institute establishing its own competence group for cybersecurity and defence. Research into methods for the security-related analysis of IT networks will lead to better insights regarding vulnerability against cyber-attacks. New tools that increase cyber-defence capability result in easier implementation of cyber security at companies and authorities. A particular expert focus of the new group is on Internet-of-Things (IoT) security, necessitated on one hand by a rapid increase in the number of IoT applications, for example the smart home, and on the other by a lack of suitable security standards. The digital transformation has not spared the defence sector. For this reason, a further focus of the new competence group is on the interaction of military information systems with each other and between military systems and civil emergency service systems. Data analysis algorithms developed in the group will automatically detect cyber-attacks and will cover the high demand for such solutions in the security industry.