Field of Activity

Industrial Inspection

An inspection is generally understood as an activity that allows the determination of the proper status of an object, an actual situation, or a facility. The specific testing activities are defined by the individual industrial environment and affect both the product and process quality. During the assessment of product quality, the 2D and 3D surface geometry, surface properties (characteristics, texture), and volumetric properties of the object are tested under static and dynamic conditions. During the process quality assessment, the product identification, which has priority, and the verification of the simulation results are tested.

The ongoing trends to eliminate all errors before the product reaches its end user, through a highly reliable production process rather than through the final inspection, and simultaneously meet the increased requirements for ISO-compliant production processes, are key customer-related drivers within this field of activity.


Networks and infrastructure

Within the framework of the research projects, a broad network that involves national and international research partners was built. Additionally, a versatile laboratory infrastructure was created, which allows us to efficiently and rapidly carry out feasibility studies. The infrastructure consists of a diverse Image processing laboratory and adaptable facilities for 2D and 3D shape measurement. The research network allows access to sensor technology that goes far beyond the capabilities of visual sensors (e.g., thermal cameras, X-rays, CT).