Field of activity

Satellite and terrestrial broadband communication

Internet access in areas with insufficient terrestrial infrastructure, mobile applications and measurement devices for the communication industry are R&D areas based on the technologies of software radio and signal analysis.  

  • Design of communication systems
    We can provide our customers with complete communication systems designs – ranging from the definition of customer requirements and architecture design through to prototypes for new challenging applications, including both satellite and terrestrial technology sectors. Our team has successfully demonstrated its detailed expertise in a wide range of projects for the industry, ESA, the EU and national customers.
  • Development of communication terminals for high-speed internet access
    Our “Software Radio Platform“ provides the basis for quick implementation of different requirements in terms of transmission, error protection and multiple access methods. This approach reduces time to market for specific solutions and allows us to offer cost-effective development.
  • Radio signal analysis and monitoring
    The monitoring, measurement and analysis of radio signals is of great significance for the reliability, availability and security of communication systems. Based on our “Software Radio Platform“ we can offer our customers tailored solutions for the maintenance and security of their systems.
  • Radio channel emulator
    The development of complex new communication systems for both terrestrial and satellite applications requires test devices that can emulate specific channel characteristics (e.g. attenuation, Doppler shift, delays and frequency errors) in a reproducible way. This allows designers of communication systems to test their developments cost-effectively under realistic conditions.