Telecommunications, Navigation and Signal Processing 


Aerospace technology and communication technologies have made a progress possible in satellite communications, wave propagation and aerospace experiments, as well as motivated experiments, studies and small series production runs for ESA, NASA and many other customers and project partners.

The recent erection of a Q-/V-band satellite ground station, one of only three such stations worldwide, was an essential step made by our experts that clearly enables the future use of these maximum frequencies for satellite radio. This contract from the European Space Agency (ESA) represents just another step in our consistent development, and which will also benefit our customers in the industry. Our expertise allows us to provide services for terrestrial broadband communications, design and develop both interactive and network systems. For the satellite radio modem, we develop innovative solutions and efficient network configurations. This expertise enables to produce extremely powerful data connections in aircraft disaster scenarios. Efficient simulation hardware is available in-house that supports our development work.

Experiments and studies in the field of electromagnetic wave propagation

Our experiments and studies in the area of electromagnetic wave propagation help us identify the best possible use of the radio transmission channels. To verify that our measurements are always realistic, test transmitters are attached to helicopters or airplanes and relevant experimental locations all over Europe are selected. The results are available in internal progress reports, publications and presentations, but are also distributed to UN political bodies.

Our customers have appreciated the products that have emerged thus far, including the 2D video disdrometer, an instrument for measurement and imagining now used worldwide to analyze precipitation, but also fully-equipped measurement vehicles. Our precise knowledge of the radio transmission channels is also helpful during optimization studies of the European satellite navigation system, Galileo.

Our activities in aerospace technology are complemented by development efforts and the production of prototypes for aerospace experiments. It goes without saying that these devices comply with all relevant requirements and norms. Stringent quality tests are performed by our experts in testing facilities in-house.